Staff Accountant (Entry Level)

Washington, District of Columbia, United States | Full-time


We are hiring Accountants (Consultants) at Vault Consulting in our Outsourced Account Group! This is an entry-level position.

Consultants are tasked with various accounting responsibilities for multiple outsourced client engagements that includes performing the month-end close process, processing payroll and benefits, and reviewing the accounts payable and receivable function. You are an important part of all accounting functions that need to get done. Yes, this is an entry-level position and a great opportunity to immerse yourself in all things Accounting!


This is an opportunity to learn and grow with an inclusive and supportive organization. 

At the top of the organization is the CEO, the COO and the managing directors for each department.  Directors and Managers report directly to the managing director of their department and have clients assigned to them. They are the engagement lead for that contract.  Depending on client needs, the engagement lead can have 1-3 team members who report to them for the client.  Each level is responsible, to some extent, for supervising and being available to the level below them.  Additionally, each employee is matched with a mentor upon being hired.  Their mentor is their go-to for any general questions, if there is a general need to be addressed or if there is a question or concern that they don’t want to address with their engagement lead.

The structure means that are multiple people to ask a question to.  And if one person doesn’t know the answer, there is a clear line of people to ask to escalate the question. 

The Skillset

A consultant can be right out of college with an Accounting degree, expected to be actively working towards their CPA. It’s possible you may have a year or two (but not much more) experience. You should come in with an eagerness to learn and grow in the accounting profession, passion and commitment excellence and the ability and desire to work in a fast-paced environment. 

Within one month, you will:

After an extensive onboarding program, you begin to work on clients right away.  For at least your first 30 days, sometimes longer, you are paired with a more senior team member each day to work with.  Sometimes they train you to take the work permanently, sometimes you will be working on special project for them, and sometimes you will be shadowing them to get more exposure to new systems and procedures—it all depends on client needs at the time you are hired.  You will be paired with a mentor before you start at Vault.  They help guide you through your orientation, help design your first 30 day schedule and continue to be your go-to for your goals and regular check ins.  You will also begin to take classes in “VaultU” from Day 1 of onboarding.  Our internally developed training program ensures that all our staff members get the skill set they need to excel in their careers.  Your first 30 days are all about learning about Vault, getting to know Vault’s staff, and getting to know your clients. 

Within three months, you will:

Have started to go to client offices on your own.  You will be expected to learn what is needed and provide the support needed for your team. You may start to work independently with some time (but always with the support of a manager). Your client portfolio will continue to grow as your skillset is rounded out.  You can expect to have 4-6 clients, some of which you may go to once or twice a week, others you will only work on for a few hours each month.  You will still have regular check ins with your mentor who will continue to make sure you are settling into Vault life well and are staying on track with your goals.  You will continue to take VaultU classes as they are offered to further develop your skill sets. 

Within a year, you will:

After a year, you will be fully integrated into Vault.  You will have developed deeper relationships with Vault staff as well as your clients.  You could encounter new accounting systems, new procedures, have gone through several client audits, and prepared 990 information requests.  You will continue to learn at VaultU and start to develop a lunch and learn or VaultU course of your own.  You will continue to have a close relationship with your mentor and may even have a mentee of your own.  You will be making strides towards becoming a CPA. We want you to be promoted within two years of beginning your career at Vault.

Other Interesting Information:

Why do you like working at Vault?  The amount of support you get at Vault cannot be beaten.  From orientation, which last 4 days to make sure you have all of the information you need to get you started, to the mentorship program, to the open-door policy everyone has, you are never without someone to help you with a question or problem.  With so many people in the accounting department, there is usually someone who has seen the issue you are having before and can coach you through how to handle it. The people are really the best part of Vault. 

What is the best part of this job?  You will never be bored here.  You will continuously be challenged with new issues at clients, new systems and software, new interpersonal dynamics at client offices. 

We want you to be part of the family! Besides the 5 weeks of PTO and great health benefits, we want you to join us for our family picnic, Community Day and our yearly Company Retreat.

Legal Stuff:

 We are an EEO employer. We do not discriminate based on any legal protected classes (federal or state) and encourage all qualified candidates to apply. We do conduct pre-employment background checks.  If you ever have questions about an open position, concerns or need additional information, please reach out to We also encourage feedback on our recruitment process.